What if tomorrow never comes?

February 4, 2015 Death Awareness

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8582469What if tomorrow never comes?
by Jen Irishu

‘Imagine all the people living for today…’John Lennon.

So many of us live each day waiting for tomorrow to arrive so we can do better, more, start our diets, get that new job, begin a family, make peace with one we have wronged or have wronged us, get married or divorced, find happiness, make more money, go on a holiday, find time to say hello to our parents/children/friends/family…and many, many opportunities we don’t do today because we have tomorrow to do them.

What if tomorrow never comes? Would you have any regrets?

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Love and the Afterlife

February 4, 2015 Death Awareness

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Roberta Grimes: Love and the Afterlife

Roberta Grimes talks about her research into the experience of dying, the afterlife, our purpose on Earth, and the importance of love.

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What It’s Like to Witness a Death

January 20, 2015 Death Awareness

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30560751What It’s Like to Witness a Death
by Roberta A Grimes

Having talked last week about how it feels to die, let’s consider now the experience of being at the bedside of someone you love who is about to embark on that universal journey. Of course, some deaths are going to feel tragic. People who die unexpectedly or out of generational order are likely to distress their loved ones by the very act of dying. Life can hold so much pain!

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Beings of love and light by Melanie Barrett

January 7, 2015 Death Awareness

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12489820Beings of love and light
by Melanie Barrett

Today…I awoke to feel the burden of form wrapped so tightly around me….so I closed my eyes and asked truth to speak to me ….so truth showed me…I… a being of love and light rose above and stepped…elfling like …across this realm of form….tip towing….solid matter…all around…

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Karma by Melanie Barrett

January 6, 2015 Death Awareness

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by Melanie Barrett

Each moment …the only moment there is…which supports the physical experience… is your karmic expression on to the canvas of life…

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"Educating people on death and dying, and reducing their fear of death is a giving of fearlessness."
Venerable Wuling

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