Reiki for Coping with Loss

October 3, 2016 Death Awareness

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angel-603014_640Reiki for Coping with Loss
by Ashwita Goel – Reiki Master

One of the most traumatic events that can happen in life is to have to lose a loved one. Whether it is you who have lost a loved one, or you are trying to help someone who did, Reiki can help very deeply. Sometimes, the end of a relationship also triggers the same reaction as a loved one’s death, and the same process will help in these cases too.

While everyone experiences loss differently, what they go through can be broadly classified into a few stages. The first reaction when someone close moves on, is denial and isolation – this is a step taken by the mind to protect itself from the sudden shock. During this phase the person might also want to be left alone, and they are best left alone if that is what they need. If you wish to help a person that is going through this phase, you could flood them with energy, but do nothing more.

When the denial starts to fade, the person comes face to face with the deep pain of personal loss, and anger can set in. The anger can be directed at the deceased, family and friends, or even complete strangers. If this person is generally quite reasonable, he or she can feel guilty about feeling angry towards others for no fault of theirs, and this can cause even more anger. This is a good time to gently ask them if they would be interested in healing.

In an attempt to regain control, people often get into a phase of regret and bargaining. The ‘if only’s seem to take over, and this is the phase where people try to contact the deceased to somehow bring them back into their life, if only energetically. If this is the phase during which clients come to me to reconnect with dead people, I usually discourage them as this can prevent them from moving on.

When reality really sets in, and the realisation sinks in that some things really are out of our control, it leads to depression. A person may or may not reach the final stage, acceptance depending on whether their pain is healed or suppressed. Ordinarily, a person needs at least 6 months of time to get back to normal.

These are not necessarily separate stages, merely a summary of the emotions people feel when they lose a loved one. In many cases, people may feel all of these things at once, overwhelming them and leaving them disoriented and confused.

To heal this pain, frequent full body Reiki healing is a must, as energies often fluctuate wildly during mourning.

To cope with loss yourself

It is important to come to terms with the fact that you are going to feel a spate of emotions that you might not want to feel. At every stage of mourning, it is important to remind yourself that ‘this happens’, and is normal for anyone (in a similar position) to go through what you are going through. It is important not to resist the pain or emotions that come up.

When the experience of grief is extreme, try tuning in to the body – extreme emotions often manifest as a sensation in the body. Place your hands on the part of the body that is hurting, and request Reiki to heal the pain.

To help another cope with loss

If you’re trying to help someone you love, heal yourself first. If seeing them in pain brings you tremendous pain, then it will be hard to accept them for what they are in that moment, and you might add to their problems. It is very important to bring in to your awareness your own emotions about your loved one’s trauma, and heal that first.

It is also important to reassure them that whatever they are feeling is ok. They could be going through a lot, maybe being unable to function normally, maybe feeling that nobody understands them, or feeling that they are having to put up a fake face for the benefit of people.

Irrespective of what they are feeling, compassion needs to be on the forefront of your healing. Acceptance is the quickest path to healing, and if the healer falls into the trap of trying to ‘fix’ them, then they might need more time. Ease them into their pain.


All the symbols can help deeply during the mourning process.

  • The distant healing symbol can subconsciously bring them in touch with the energy of the deceased, thereby reducing their pangs of emptiness.
  • Using the emotional healing symbol generously will help heal the pain and trauma they are going through.
  • The power symbol will help them reconnect with their inner power.

When they are ready, it can also be useful to remove any cords that might exist between them and the deceased.

Disclaimer: Use of the information and data is to bring awareness of death and dying. Spirare does not own the information or profit from its use. Source: Reiki Rays Author: Ashwita Goel  Photo: Pixabay


Words of Inspiration

"I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it."
Mark Twain
“They say that a part of you dies when a special Loved One passes away...I disagree...I say a part of you lives with your Loved One on the other side.”
Daniel Yanez

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“The fear of death comes from limited awareness.”   Deepak Chopra

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