Pat at her prime


Patricia Jane McQueen

60 years old January 29, 2016

Patricia McQueen was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on August 10, 1955. Although the youngest and smallest of four children, she was always outgoing and willing ...



Elisabeta Popovici Todea

68 years old July 2, 2014

"Nimic nu-ti va ajuta atat de mult sa fii moderat in toate lucrurile ca frecventa meditatie asupra scurtimii vietii si asupra nesigurantei acesteia; in tot ce f...



Pop Teodor Tudorel

64 years old March 7, 2014

Nascut in Arad la data de 21 Septembrie 1949, fiul lui Teodor si Ileana, a devenit frate la varsta de 4 ani avind o legatura stransa si intima pana la moarte. A...



Gyori Alex

66 years old March 7, 2014

Death leaves a heartache No one can heal, but Love given by the person who is no more leaves a memory No one can steal.



Haris Bartolomeu Ioan

68 years old March 7, 2014

Vei ramine vesnic in amintirea noastra draga Bubu.

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Words of Inspiration

"I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it."
Mark Twain
“They say that a part of you dies when a special Loved One passes away...I disagree...I say a part of you lives with your Loved One on the other side.”
Daniel Yanez
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