Death Becomes Us

May 29, 2014 Death Awareness

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“I died a little yesterday.

I dragged my dreary dreams over a curb, an
Easy task to tend to but
Ending my eternity is easier said than done.
Done deals with the devil to
Save me air-conditioned spaces in his lair
I just had to promise to pressure people to perceive me as an angel,
Almost like he did when he was given the chance.
Left my small belongings with the nobody that loved me and
Kept my soul as someone to play with when I’m alone in hell.
No more worries about the future.
Present become the predicted but the past prevails.
Previews on the escalator down so that everyone can see the mistakes I promised I wouldn’t regret and the
Opportunities I missed for the fear of secluded success.
Wasted wise words from one ear and out of the other,
Wish I listened now.
I stand beside an old lady.
Hailing Mary, full of false grace to millions and a man
With nonchalance noted near his eyes.
He knows knights won’t save him.
She knows Mary’s misguidance is being misused.
I know deserve this.
We all know we belong here.
I’ve embraced my death.
Somewhere, someone is mourning my departure
Someone, somewhere is celebrating my arrival.” by Yemi

Disclaimer: Use of the information and data is to bring awareness of death and dying. Spirare does not own the information or profit from its use. Source: Yin&Yang

Words of Inspiration

"Educating people on death and dying, and reducing their fear of death is a giving of fearlessness."
Venerable Wuling

Death Awareness

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“The fear of death comes from limited awareness.”   Deepak Chopra

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