About Us

This site has been established March 2014, to honour and remember my father and lost loved ones that have passed away.     www.spirare.name is and will remain a free service to all.
We offer the platform to create a free memorial/obituary, a place for friends and family to share stories and memories of the souls no longer with us.

Our site name is inspired from the meaning of the word “Spirare”:
“to breathe, to expire, to pass away, to uplift the spirit.”

“The word spirit comes from the Latin verb spirare – to breathe. We cannot live without breathing. When we inhale, we take the world into us; when we exhale we give our warmth to the world. Spiritual awareness is the perception that we are part of something.” James Webster

We breathe through the Universe, the Universe breathes through us in its oneness. It is the one breath that unites us all in the pure consciousness of the essence of evolution infinitely.

Prayers for all who have lost their loved ones. Peace be with you.

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